Foreign Currency Bank Accounts

Most people will need a foreign currency bank account at some point in their lifetime. Some more than others.

The obvious time when you would need a foreign currency bank account is when you are planning to go on holiday and you do not want to take all of your spending money in cash for safety.

There could be many reasons, like perhaps the following:

  • you run a business from the UK but need to pay suppliers in another country
  • foreign nationals who live or work in the UK and need to send money in another currency
  • “expats” who are originally from the UK but are now living elsewhere
  • you need to withdraw cash in a foreign country

The Monese digital money account will do all of the above and more. You can use the app on your mobile or/and use their contactless card as well. More details here:

Monese bank account opening

Foreign Currency Bank Accounts Made Easy

If you have no permanent address, this is not a problem, as you can be accepted just with photographic ID. Bad credit is not a problem either, as they do not carry out a credit check to open this bank account.

You can also manage your money better with advanced features like spending overviews, budgeting tools, transaction details, instant notifications and downloadable statements, so it is easy to stay on top of your spending anytime, anywhere.

You can open a new bank account right away by clicking on the banner above. It can all be done online within minutes.

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