Questions On New Bank Accounts With Bad Credit

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Questions On New Bank Accounts With Bad Credit – people also ask us a number of questions regarding getting a new bank account when they have bad credit. We thought it was a good idea to list some of the popular questions with answers below:

Can I Open A New Bank Account For Bad Credit?

If you were to approach the well known “High Street” type banks, it would be very likely that you would be turned down. However, there are niche banks available that will allow you to open a new bank account, even when you have some bad credit

What Bank Open Basic Bank Accounts?

If you need a new basic bank acccount and you have bad credit, do not approach the well known UK banks. We list a number of banks that will accept you for a new current bank account, even if you have bad credit. These are not prepaid bank accounts.

Can I Open A Bank Account If I Have A CCJ?

We are asked all the time “can I open a bank account with bad credit” and we can guide you to the right financial companies.
CCJ’s are County Court Judgments and these remain on your credit file for at least 6 years, settled or unsettled.
There are a number of banks that will accept you with no credit check and will allow you to have CCJ’s.

Does Opening A Bank Account Require A Credit Check?

For most well known banks, they will carry out a credit search to see if there is any adverse credit history. We list some banks that do NOT require a credit check and only require proof of ID and proof of address.
You can, therefore, get a new free bank account no credit check UK here today.

What is the easiest Bank Account To Open Online?

Most new bank accounts can now be done online. The banks we advertise will give you a guaranteed new bank account sort code and account number in minutes, even if you have poor credit.

What Do Banks Use To Credit Check?

The well known banks will use credit reference agencies like Equifax and Experion to check your credit history. We use banks that do not use credit checking or scoring and you can open a new account online in minutes.

Can You Be Denied A Bank Account?

Yes and No! You can be denied a bank account if you apply to the main banks, but you have some bad credit or even no credit at all. However, you can be accepted by other niche banks who will accept you, even if you have bad credit. “Horses for courses” as they say!

Do Banks Do Credit Checks For Current Accounts?

Many main banks will carry out a credit check before you open a new current bank account. They want to see your credit worthiness and also check your current address, name, etc. to make sure you are who you say you are.
There are a number of banks that will not do a credit check when you open a new bank account and you can find a no credit check bank account on this website.

Can You Have 2 Current Accounts?

You cannot have more than 1 personal current account with the same bank, but you can have as many current bank accounts with different banks if you want. You might use one current account to pay all of your regular bills and a separate account for everything else.

What Is The Best Bank For Bad Credit?

You will need to apply to a bank that does not carry out a credit check and one that bad credit does not affect their criteria. We have a number right here on this website for you to apply to directly!

We trust that this has answered all of your questions, but if not, do please get in touch.

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