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Bank Accounts Bad Credit – looking for a new bank current account, but you have a bad credit history? Have you been turned down by a High Street Bank for a new bank account recently? You are not alone! Open a basic bank account online here today.

Get New Bank Accounts Bad Credit In Minutes

This is absolutely true. Whether you need a personal bank account or business bank account online, if you click on the banner below now, you can have your account set up in minutes.

As soon as you apply online, you will get your new bank account approved and you will immediately have your sort code and account number to use right away.

Get a free bank account no credit check UK, a bank account for bad credit UK or bank cards with no credit check. This website will show you the easiest bank account to open UK using a new bad credit current account

CardOneMoney Bank Account

There are no credit checks carried out, so it doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit score, you will be accepted, guaranteed!

  • There are no credit checks!
  • There are no hidden charges for unpaid direct debits!
  • Open to everyone with guaranteed acceptance (subject to proper identification)

Features Of Basic Bank Accounts For Bad Credit

The following are some of the other great features of a basic bank account UK for someone with bad credit, which helps keep you in control:

  • Online, text and phone account access.
  • UK call centre.
  • Free text alerts each time money is paid in.
  • Free text alerts if bills cannot be paid.
  • No bounced payment charges.
  • Direct Debits with enhanced security
  • FREE mobile app
  • Up to 8% cashback when you spend in shops

Bank accounts with very bad credit and with overdrafts are hard to find as well as bank bad credit loans, but after having the account for a number of months, it may be possible to add extra facilities.

This bank account would be ideal for best student bank accounts for those with bad credit as well as joint bank accounts bad credit too. So if you want to know how to get a bank account with a low credit rating, now you know!

Best Business Bank Accounts For Bad Credit

When you are starting a new business, a new business bank account is one of the first things you need to set up and open. There is no point having a successful business, but no-one is able to pay you!

Some of the main stream and well known bank will not accept you for a new business account unless you have been running the business for a few years and you have certified accounts and trade references, but this is not always possible.

No Credit Check Bank Account

You might have some poor credit history and want to open a new business bank account, but the High Street banks will just not want to know you.

Until fairly recently, your only option would be to open an off-shore type of business account when you have bad credit, but this is really not very practical at all.

Compare Basic Bank Accounts and PrePaid Bank Accounts

CardOneMoney are the ideal option in situations when you need basic business bank accounts no credit check. They do not need accounts, credit checks, business plans or a past history of trading. It is a simple operation of clicking the banner above to take you to their website, complete the online application form and your new business current account will be opened right away for you.

If you have a registered company, then it is a legal requirement for a limited company to have a separate business bank account. You can open that new business bank account today by clicking on the banner above.

More Bank Account Choices

We show the best bank current account deals available on the market, so as you can choose which one suits your purposes. Below is a link banner for the Monese bank account.

Monese is a European banking service that provides localised mobile-first bank accounts. They operate in 31 countries, including the UK and Europe and in 14 different languages. Monese helps people and businesses bank like locals, moving with them wherever they choose to be. In a matter of minutes, customers can sign up to a Monese account and access global payment solutions that are cheaper than high street banks.

Monitise Bank App

bank accounts bad credit get approved

The following are the benefits of using this account:

  • Dual £/€ accounts
  • Instant account opening
  • No local proof of address or credit checks
  • Free instant card top-ups
  • App and support available in 14 languages
  • International transfers (19 currencies supported)
  • Real-time transaction notifications
  • Joint accounts

To find out more details and information, please click on the banner above to be taken to their website where you can also apply online. This would also be suitable for British expats bank accounts and anyone with no credit history at all.

How to Find Bank Accounts For People With Bad Credit in the UK

You can find a bank account for people with bad credit in the UK. Standard current accounts will require you to undergo a credit check.

However, there are other options. You can apply for a guaranteed bank account, which is more lenient when it comes to accepting people with poorer credit. CCJs and defaults on loans are both examples of bad credit.

A basic account can be an excellent option for people with a bad credit history.

Basic accounts are available from 15 UK banks

If you are looking for a basic bank account, then you have come to the right place. This account is designed to make basic transactions easy and fee-free.

These accounts are provided by nine of the UK’s largest personal current account providers and all comply with the Payment Accounts Regulations 2015. The nine banks offering basic bank accounts are: Barclays UK, HSBC UK, Nationwide Building Society, Santander UK, TSB, Virgin Money, and RBS.

Although basic bank accounts may seem like a good option for people with bad credit, some people may not be able to get them.

These individuals may find that they can’t get approved for a standard current account, and a basic bank account will provide them with a debit card and online and mobile banking services.

Basic bank accounts can be upgraded to a current account if the applicant’s circumstances change.

Customers with poor credit scores can open a current account with a basic account

Banks use ChexSystems to track consumer financial behavior and assign a score to each applicant. The higher the score, the less risky the applicant is to banks.

Customers with low scores may experience difficulty opening a bank account.

Banks review ChexSystems reports to determine whether they should open an account. They look for bank overdrafts, missed payments, or a history of fraudulent activity.

When looking for a bank that offers accounts for customers with poor credit, it is important to remember that a basic checking account may not meet all your needs.

While it is not necessary to have good credit to open an account, it will help you rebuild your credit history.

Banks offer second chance banking services and customers with bad credit can open a checking account to begin rebuilding their financial history.

You can read articles in the Personal Bank Accounts section, find answers to your bank account questions and this is the link to our Privacy Policy Page.

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